I'm still with the Western Area Power Administration up in Lakewood Colorado where I'm an Information Technology Specialist. Western is a part of the Department of Energy and they market power to the utilities for everything West of the Mississippi, part of Texas and North to the border.  Alaska and Washington state are some of the only areas not managed by Western.

I'm getting back to computer duties after 15 years of budget management.  New technologies are mading this very interesting.

Creating presentations is a favorite past time.  I've produced and starred in a 7 min film with Kane being the main character.  I've  also created 2 business presentations for "Bag Makers'" annual meeting in Chicago a few years ago.  I've put together 3 presentations for people leaving Western as souvenirs that have been really well received.  He created a high school reunion presentation that was given high reviews.  There are shows about the last few years of the Fabulous 50s' traveling softball team and the Senior softball traveling league. I've also, created 2 wedding DVDs for Mark and Matt's wedding in 2010. 

I've created and am Webmaster for the Official Site of the Fabulous 50s  50 and over softball team and the leagues Official website "Senior Softball Travel League" (  

Scott and family are in England for 4-years.  I head to visit in the Spring.  Scott has been busy too.  In 2010 he left Korea for an assignment in England.  He and Ra'Nee set up hourse keeping oon base housing.  Scott got promoted to Master Sargent and he also received his Baclor's.

Richard's DVDs collection as of  December 27, 2009.

I have a memorial page for my late Father, Roland Richardson, a World War II veteran. We miss him, Richard's mother Elsie, and his brother Michael.