Nancy has retired from PSA.   PSA is a promotional catalogue company who caters mostly to the military and other Government offices although they do have civilian companies too.

Most mornings Nancy and Kane venture out on a three or more mile walk, which doesn't slow Kane to much. When they return Kane is ready to play tennis ball, a game he's really good at.  Sometimes the two play soccer in the back yard, he's good at that too.

For pre-Christmas she's a bell ringer for the Salvation Army.

Nancy tried Sheep Herding training in 2003.  Traveling an hour plus up in the mountains.  Here on a sheep ranch Kane got to learn how to chase herd sheep.  She has had some interesting adventures in the sheep pen.  Maybe Nancy will look at another job on a ranch part-time.  It has been a while since last they have seen sheep and he needs to stay away from injuries so he may have seen his last sheep.